Portable Update

How to update Windows® in an isolated environment

What is PortableUpdate?

Portable Update (or PortUp) is a windows-based tool for updating a Microsoft® Windows® computer that resides in an isolated environment.

This is can useful in many circumstances:

  • When the computer resides on a secure LAN isolated from the internet

  • When the computer to update does not have access (or cannot use) a proxy server

  • When it s necessary to completely update a freshly-formatted computer with the latest updates prior to connect the machine to the network

  • When the computer does not have a hardware network (NIC) connection at all

  • When the network connection speed is too slow or it is necessary to update the computer very quickly

  • In all the other circumstances in which it is required to have complete control over the updating process without connecting the machine to the network.

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How does it work?

To update an isolated computer, Portable Update uses an external cache to store updates.

  • The cache can reside on any USB external drive or, via private LAN network, on a shared path. Once an update is copied to the cache (the only time that an internet connection is required), the same update will be used for all computer that need that particular update.

  • You'll never download twice the same file to update different computers or for updating many times the same computer.

  • Once the update is stored into the cache folder, the program will use standard Windows® Update API services to update your computer.

  • Different updates from different operating systems can reside on the same cache folder because they are individually identified.

  • As result, you can see the log update in the standard update history log exactly as it was done from the normal Windows Update site!

  • For any other technical information, please read the documentation page.

Portable Update has been tested on:

  • Microsoft Windows 11®

  • Microsoft Windows 10®

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1®

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012® R2

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012®

  • Microsoft Windows 8®

  • Microsoft Windows 7®

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008® R2

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008®

  • Microsoft Windows Embedded POSReady 2009®

  • Microsoft Windows Xp® starting from SP3

  • Microsoft Windows Vista®

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003®

  • Microsoft Windows 2000® starting from SP4

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No spyware, no adware, no viruses:

Non-commercial use:

This software can be freely used for personal use, non-profit organizations, NGOs, charities and state-run schools.

In all other commercial contexts, private and independent schools, Portable Update is licensed on a physical/virtual updated machine basis for one year. For license details please contact: commercial@portableupdate.com

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