How to use it

Four steps:

Search phase

Download phase

Install phase


Portable Update works with:

How to Install

You may download the most recent version of Portable Update here.

As any other portable applications, Portable Update does not need a setup phase, nevertheless the app requires a first-time-only initialisation phase.

From Wikipedia: [...]In order to make properly portable applications, software applications must leave the computer they run on exactly as they found it when finished. This means that the application cannot use the registry, nor store its files anywhere on the machine other than in the application's installation directory.[...]

The very first time, Portable Update needs to be run from a computer connected to the internet with an OS version capable of resolving HTTPS traffic. This is to allow Portable Update to download all the files and information it needs for run unplugged.

If your computer is running a legacy version of Windows® (like Xp), you will not be able to initialise the app from that OS, as you might be missing the TLS library to resolve HTTPS traffic. For that you can manually download the toolbox and place it in the same folder where the Portable Update executable will run from.

If by any reason your app is not able to finish initialisation (i.e. the app is telling you that you are not connected when you actually are online), try downloading the toolbox manually.

Portable Update and External Storage

Portable Update works best if used on an external portable drive, but there are some things you should be aware of:

15GB of free space are strongly recommended.

The amount of storage required will depend on few things, e.g.: 

Please be aware that Portable Update can potentially download the same update for different OSs and different languages and, if not manually removed, it will keep them in cache and never delete. This applies also to old updates and 'suspended' updates.

One happy place to run Portable Update from would be a NAS, given you have fast enough network and storage.

Portable Update can suffer from very long paths (loads of subfolders) 

Technical information

Under the Hood of Portable Update

Portable Update updates every internet unplugged computer by means of two steps:

The external cache will be filled only once per update session using the same tool on another computer connected to internet.

Thus, the complete algorithm is condensed in two phases:

The "Unplugged" Phase

The "Plugged" Phase

Libraries Used

This is the complete list of all standard software needed to update a computer from scratch. Portable Update can download this components automatically: